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We believe that work done with passion creates value.

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Visionary Minds

Knowledge is key

Our consultants average over 20 years of solid industry experience and are selected for their ability to work in different environments, strengthening systems and processes. ALAS Group's domain experience spans the organizational spectrum from top management to customer experience.

Collaborative focus

As a global company, we are committed to our core values. Our collaborative approach, industry-specific knowledge and strong stakeholder relationships, contribute to our success, delivering extraordinary results. Innovation combined with operational excellence is our primary differentiator.

Operational results

Our success is measured in business outcomes and our consultants work with clients to operationalize solutions. We go beyond hypotheticals and strategy presentations to deliver measurable improvements for your organization.

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Global knowledge - Local understanding

Strategic Solutions. Superior Results.

Our Global experts have the vision to work with you to draw the big picture and the experience to make it happen. We provide actionable results.

Alas Aviation
  • Airline Management
  • Flight Operations
  • Charter Operations
  • Airport Operations
  • ACMI - Wet & Dry Leasing
Alas Renewables
  • Sustainability
  • Mainstream technologies
  • Wind power
  • Hydropower
  • Solar energy
Alas Consulting
  • Bi- & Multilateral Co-operation
  • Public Private Partnerships
  • Encouraging innovation
  • Digital strategies
  • Best Business Practice
Alas Economics
  • 360° Financing
  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • Revenue Management
  • P&L Management
  • Ancillary Revenue
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Keeping the world in sync

ALAS Group

ALAS Group donates clothing to school children in Nepal

In connection with the religious festival of Holi, ALAS Group gave a small contribution to the colourful festivities, by showing support to a local school in Kathmandu, Nepal. The Group has previously donated items...


ALAS Group

ALAS Group shows interest in future space explorations

NASA recently landed their latest rover on Mars making another historic milestone in their search for life beyond our planet. Onboard the rover are seven instruments that will be testing completely new technology and conducting unprecedented science.


ALAS Group

Annual Executive Summary FY20

We have just completed our financial report for fiscal year 2020, including our executive summary and year-end results, showing visible signs of a weakening economy caused by the pandemic. The group has experienced an increasingly difficult year in most of our business areas, showing much lower volumes than previous years.


ALAS Group

Our ACMI fleet is growing

ALAS Group continues to focus on dedicated transportation for moving passengers and freight. Executive Vice President Navin Shrestha explains: "As we continue to experience major disruptions in the market, ALAS Group has decided to look at the critical gaps to make sure they are supported by feasible solutions, in order to strengthen a crumbling infrastructure."


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