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Guvamombe joins ALAS GROUP as Environment Specialist

January 2nd, 2023.

ALAS Group Chairman Mr. Dustin Paul Wilden has announced that Tendai Guvamombe, a well celebrated Climate Change Media Personnel from Zimbabwe will be joining the GROUP Company as an Environmental Specialist at Advisory Level in Southern Africa.

Guvamombe's appointment comes at a time when the GROUP Company is spreading it's wings in the Southern African Region. His work will be strategic in the areas of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) strengthening the position of the SADC region towards climate change mitigation, adaptation and resilience.

He is expected to feature in high level meetings with government officials in broadening the scope of sustainable development in Southern Africa.

He is a seasoned Climate Change Media player who has interacted with environmentalists from different parts of the Globe particularly American politicians and Madhvi Chittoor, a youngest (11yr) climate champion recently featured in World Guinness Book of Record from Colorado.

The youthful Guvamombe, has already featured in a meeting between ALAS GROUP Chairman Mr. Dustin Paul Wilden and Zimbabwean Government Officials organised by ZIDA, the country's Investments Development Agency.

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